Monday, August 7, 2017

JULY 2017

I am actually keeping up with all of this years bom's--
and getting some other ufo finished--
June's wool block--
and here is July's block--
I need a couple buttons for this one yet--
a spider one for hanging off his tail and a couple candy corn buttons-

Decided that starting in July--
Sundays would be spent working on Christmas projects-
and so I started this one--

This month's color is Blue--
So here is the cat block--
it is also on the same block as the yellow one--
and here is the log cabin block to go with it--
and here is the bird block--
and the strip block that goes on that quilt-
and here is all the bird ones so far--

Got a baby sweater and hat knitted--
this set thought went to Terry for her new baby grandson--

I worked alot on finishing this quilt and machine quilting it--
Got is done--
made a blue binding for it from some fabric that Anne sent me for my b-day--perfect!!

Got the Reindeer head block made for the Christmas quilt--

and here is the 10" block for the Patchwork bom
and the 5 " ones --

so another stitchery month--

Saturday, July 15, 2017

JUNE 2017

Lets see what did I do this month--
I changed the borders on this quilt--
Bought this cute display case from Frannie for $10
Got a couple more blocks made for the Christmas quilt--
I changed my mine at least 4 times one the fabrics for this one--
still not sure???
and this block was fun--had to do some "adjusting" to get the strings to come right!!
I happened to be in Hobby Lobby the day before I was planing to make this --
and I found this neat green with pinecones in the fabric section--
really like how it came out--

Next 10" block for the Patchwork quilt--
and here is the line up so far on the 10"ones--
and here is the 4 small 5" ones--
and another 10" block--
and here is the 5" ones--

Annie signed me up to get this magazine for my b-day--

This months color was yellow--
here is the cat and the log cabin block--
and here is the bird I designed and the stripe block to go with her--

The wool block for this month--
love my lamb--
and so far this is what I have--
Worked on this bed quilt--
but had aways to go on it--

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

MAY 2017

Let's see what did I do this month--
Got alot more blocks made for the Kitchen quilt--
Now the top is all finished--

I was late getting Aprils bird block made with 'multi' colored fabrics--
And Mays color was green--

It was my Birthday month--
from the kids--

Worked on this one--
and --
another top is finished--

another baby sweater--
one more Christmas block is done--

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Another busy month-
and I kept up with all the bom's--

Did get another block done on this one--
and here is what I have done so far--

Started a new weekly sal--
that Alice is doing--
it is paper pieced--

Ordered this packette of fat quarters--
and this is what I made from it--so far--

And I started this quilt--
was fabric that Alice sent me for Christmas--
The next step on this quilt--
is to do a churn dash block around these 9 patches--
did order more fabric in this line to do that--

Here is this months color--
cat one--

and here is Aprils block for the row by row by Buttermilk Basin--

and the 2 blocks for the Christmas quilt--

This is the 10" block I made to go with the Patchwork one--

and here is the 5" ones--
I was doing 6 of each one--
but think I will only do 3 of each from now on--
had a hard time getting these to come out to the correct measurement-
and I worked really hard at it!!!

And here is all the preemie sweater and hat sets that I have gotten knitted--

I did get some stitching done on another large wool piece--
but no photos--
and I am back to reading--tons of books--