Sunday, November 12, 2017


Got block # 10 done--


 Well--let's see what did I do this month??
Got this wall hanging done and hung on the door--

Started my very first pair of socks using self-stripping yarn--
First pair is done--
and the 2nd pair is started-

Pink was the color this month--
got the cat done-
and the bird one done--
Oh-- I did redo his tummy area--like the second one here better--

Worked more on this the Halloween mystery quilt--
was able to get it all hand quilted by the end of Oct--

two more blocks done
what i have done so far
a christmas jelly roll
that I have had for a long time--needed making up
and a top is finished--took nearly all the strips for this-
am slowly working on this one on Sundays--
and got block #9 done on the Patchwork block of the month--
though the 10" one is wrong--
so the next day I redid it--
see much better--

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Oh dear this was a weird and difficult month
as we had another hurricane--
this one was named Irma--
Dawn and I fled to NY so was gone for 10 days--

We stopped in Hagerstown and seen Sunny and she took me to her quilt shop out in the country and I got to meet Charlie and he helped me pick out some Halloween fabrics--
(sad note here--Charlie passed over the Rainbow bridge 2 days later)

so here is the restart over on the Halloween mystery quilt top--
the fabrics I got at Sunny's shop where the orange print and the black with the bats print--
It's coming together
tops done now it is basted and I have started the hand quilting on it--

and I got these  done--
Sept color was orange

and I got more done on the Halloween door hanging--

There is alot of damage done down at the dock on the beach area and the bank--
and alot of the apts on the river side got water damage--all 4 floors--
Thankful to God that mine stayed dry--


 lets see what did I work on here--
In the Patchwork bom I got the 10" one done and the 4 smaller ones made--
to 2 different patterns--one was probably Julys sets??

worked on putting these blocks into a top--
I am not sure I like this--but
I kept going--
then I did decide I did NOT like it--
and totally frogged all the strips off--
still have just the blocks left with the first outside borders on them--


got the cat block done for this months color--
and started a pair of socks for Anne-
and here they are done--
and they were mailed to Anne for her birthday--

another block done for the Christmas bom--
and the second one for the month--

a baby sweater--
and I started a Halloween mystery quilt-
but do not like them--
oh well--back to the drawing board--
well--actually back to the quilt shop I go--

Monday, August 7, 2017

JULY 2017

I am actually keeping up with all of this years bom's--
and getting some other ufo finished--
June's wool block--
and here is July's block--
I need a couple buttons for this one yet--
a spider one for hanging off his tail and a couple candy corn buttons-

Decided that starting in July--
Sundays would be spent working on Christmas projects-
and so I started this one--

This month's color is Blue--
So here is the cat block--
it is also on the same block as the yellow one--
and here is the log cabin block to go with it--
and here is the bird block--
and the strip block that goes on that quilt-
and here is all the bird ones so far--

Got a baby sweater and hat knitted--
this set thought went to Terry for her new baby grandson--

I worked alot on finishing this quilt and machine quilting it--
Got is done--
made a blue binding for it from some fabric that Anne sent me for my b-day--perfect!!

Got the Reindeer head block made for the Christmas quilt--

and here is the 10" block for the Patchwork bom
and the 5 " ones --

so another stitchery month--