Sunday, November 23, 2014


Lots of charity knitting--

And I did get some gifts made--

Found this pattern in a 2013 magazine-
and I made 6 of them--
and yes--one is for me!!!

and I got addicted to making these--
first there was 2--
then there was 8--
and then there was 15!!!!
so easy to make--
But not these--
2 was the limit on these!!!

started 6 mug rugs--

the rest of the knitting--

This brings the total of Oct and Nov to--
15 sets of hats and mittens-
5 sets of mittens-
2 sets of hats and fingerless mittens-
1 set of fingerless mittens--
so that was alot of  knitting!!!

Some more crafts
lots of little gifty items--
got all 6 of these mug rugs made and hand quilted--
and made 3 snow people tote bags--
So I had a busy month--
am also working on hand quilting a wall hanging from the same Santa panel as the mug rugs--