Sunday, April 3, 2011

APRIL 2011


block of the month--have done 2 larger ones--in 12" blocks--
this one I did in mini rolls--1 1/2 size--it is done--

Top finished to Gardner's Journal-

Christmas gifts quilt finished--
did redo the eye buttons in Dec 2011--

Made some Easter placemats--
at Sues--
Starting with the 1st of May--
things got really wild here--
My back pay check came in and it was for--'lots'!!!
so not much stitching got done till fall--

MARCH 2011

I did it----
I got this quilt all finished and hanging on the wall by mid March--
I just love it--was worth working on it for 8 years!!!

More Gardner Journal blocks stitched--

Tis the Season blocks done for March--
3 of them this month--

Counted cross stitch-by Novalee in France--

another black and white block done for this bom

Am quilting on this small wall hanging--

got this bom started--
love the blue-
am doing a second on too--

Did this quilt--then did not like the colors--
so gave it to Anne for a Hospice quilt--

Marchs bom done for the Log cabin quilt--

Got this Christmas top together and basted--
then actually started hand quilting it as it is still on the rather chilly/cold side here this year--so maybe I will get it finished now--

and am working on this once in awhile--
so have gotten a bit done again this month!!!

Purchase this month--

At Sues--
Jo Ann's sale--

At Village sampler--big flats
Online thread order--
some for the Tis the Season blocks--
some for me--
some for a gift--

on line fabric for me????

Green Fairy's--used in quilt I gave to Anne--

two more charm packs from Green Fairy's--
used wrong account--so these also cost me $32 in overdraft---????

got this cross stitch in the mail--
seen it on someone's blog site!!!!

A gift in the mail--from Nola--no reason--
except to say thank you for her winnings--
This is soooo cute--thank you Nola--
This is the one I had sent Nola---

Looks like I was busy again--
good for me---
also learned how to play the Wii games--
especially bowling--
And I made it through a "colon" testing!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


First thing I got done this month was basting the ABC quilt from 7-8 years ago==
took me 5 1/2 hours to baste!!!

Decided to do a blanket stitch with emb floss around all the letters--
and the leaves on the center row__-

am waiting on more emb floss--so started actually doing the hand quilting on the rows that are ready--

This one row of large centered blocks--I did cats in the center of 4 blocks and a heart in the center of the the 5 th one

Joined the bom at Sue's--

And Feb block is done--

Working on the Bliss fabric line of hexagon flowers--

Have gotten a total of 18 done so far--

Another UFO finish--

red and white yo-yo quilt--started 2 years or so ago--finished for now!!!

New items purchased this month--

New bom for 2011--called Black and White--

January block--
February's block--
and March's block already in and done!!!

Did Shell's bom for Jan and added some beads--really like it!!

and have decided to do the Home Sweet Home one--
but I need a honey bun or need to use another collection as it takes only 1 1/2 inch strips!!!

this is my own design--center has an embroideried saying on it that is mine--
am using up a honey bun roll to do this one!!