Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 2014

Think it was a busy month--
Got this new wall hanging all stitched, hand quilted and hung--
Mailed out lots of packages to friends and blog friends--
and did this early like Dec2--
another wall hanging being quilted--
knitted lots of these little stockings for gifts--
though only 3 were with designs--that I have kept for now!!!
bought myself a new truck!!!!
and finished and hung--
new felt pillow --
Now I have a cute display of my trucks--
and once again--changed this scene--
it it now wrapped around my cake boards--
Made 4 felt tag tree ornaments--
patterns by Shell at Raspberry rabbit--

This years tree--
it has been 3 years since I did a tree--
this is a new one I got at walmart for $20--
it was perfect and miss gracie did not bother it!!!
and I decorated 2 small trees that I had--
and these pillows were under the tree for awhile-
til presents started coming in!!!
and I got this panel all hand quilted and hung up--
a new sal that I did not get to do until after chmas--
but the 12 blocks of only 3 1/2 inches are now done--
and note--that starting with block one--the deer--
each block has more and more pieces until the last block of 12!!
been working on counted cross stitching since Chmas--
got this one finished--

And I got 2 wip counted cross stitches finished--
this one had only the second 'zip' stitched on it --
and I was sure that I would never get it done--
but I did--was 11:30pm on Dec 31 when finished!!!!

think there was one row done and maybe another started on this--
but now--we are done--
just need to frame these two--
they where started back in 2010 or so!!!
Happy new year--

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Lots of charity knitting--

And I did get some gifts made--

Found this pattern in a 2013 magazine-
and I made 6 of them--
and yes--one is for me!!!

and I got addicted to making these--
first there was 2--
then there was 8--
and then there was 15!!!!
so easy to make--
But not these--
2 was the limit on these!!!

started 6 mug rugs--

the rest of the knitting--

This brings the total of Oct and Nov to--
15 sets of hats and mittens-
5 sets of mittens-
2 sets of hats and fingerless mittens-
1 set of fingerless mittens--
so that was alot of  knitting!!!

Some more crafts
lots of little gifty items--
got all 6 of these mug rugs made and hand quilted--
and made 3 snow people tote bags--
So I had a busy month--
am also working on hand quilting a wall hanging from the same Santa panel as the mug rugs--

Friday, October 10, 2014


The weather is still really lovely here and it is the 10th of Oct--
Here is the works so far--
Am working on sewing all the hexie flowers together--

knitted 2 sets of hats and mittens for the yarn shop to give to a charity--

started this--
from this pattern--

Got these two stitcheries framed finally--

More knitting--
yes these are 2 different greens--


I did alot of photography this month--
including taking a 3 week class--
and the weather was just beautiful--
so spent alot of time outside!!!

did get this wall hanging all hand quilted and the binding on it--

this month my challenge was 'purple'-
so I worked on doing up the Friends line--
here is 4 pincushions ready for gifts--
and I got 2 shawls finished and blocked--

and I got a fall counted cross stitch stitched and then finished for hanging--
and I got this 2009 quilt top all hand quilted and the binding on it--
and here is 4 mug rugs from the Friendship line--
all ready for gift giving!!

And I ended up knitting a total of 12 boobs for the breast cancer center!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Was suppose to keep working on this quilt--????

Choose this pattern for the Aug challenge of polka dots--
and the top is finished--did hand applique on the chickens--
got these in to play with--
only they sent me the wrong apple core template!!!
finished knitting this shawl and got it blocked--
finished knitting this scarf and got it blocked-
these were made with silk and camel yarn--

got this quilt all hand quilted and the binding on it--
so started hand quilting on this wall hanging--

two more shawls are finished knitted--
but not blocked yet--
went to a workshop and learned how to knit these bra inserts for cancer patients--
these are DD!!!
and Odie came to the yarn for a visit from NC