Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Aprils FFF was finished into a note book cover for my quilt scrapbook--cute!!

And May;s design I put on a t-shirt--

Finally got Aprils Bouquet block done--
So I did May's block up first this time--
May's sentimental Journey bom is done--used one of my actual cameo pins on it!!
 May's cat block is all done
May's Snowbound block done--
Aprils block of Flirting with Flowers by tozz
Gifts of the spirit--
Fruit of the Spirit--

Got all 3 color groups of the Jelly roll challenge caught up to day!!
Ruarl Jardin ones
Gift ones
and the Honey bun size ones--

got one more row done and all quilted and attached to the Round robin quilt top--

 next set of sides--

Sides are quilted and sewed on--the next set of rows are stitched--

I decided to rip out this fabric--
On the bow tie quilt--it took me 3 hours--but I just could not keep it in there!!!
Now to sew the bow tie blocks back to the main body of the quilt!!!!

this is my OPAM challenge for May--which I did not get made!!!!!

And I sent for some new threads this month--
from the Raspberry Rabbit site--

From Thistle needleworks--
From McCrady Enterprises

My Mary died on May 1st--so it was a very hard month for me--But on the following Wed I got this in the mail--
Robin in
Cape Coral Fl emailed some of my blog friends and they sent her a block and she put them together into a quilt for me to remember Mary by---how beautiful and how sweet!!!
Thank You Lord for all these great new friends--