Thursday, October 12, 2017


Oh dear this was a weird and difficult month
as we had another hurricane--
this one was named Irma--
Dawn and I fled to NY so was gone for 10 days--

We stopped in Hagerstown and seen Sunny and she took me to her quilt shop out in the country and I got to meet Charlie and he helped me pick out some Halloween fabrics--
(sad note here--Charlie passed over the Rainbow bridge 2 days later)

so here is the restart over on the Halloween mystery quilt top--
the fabrics I got at Sunny's shop where the orange print and the black with the bats print--
It's coming together
tops done now it is basted and I have started the hand quilting on it--

and I got these  done--
Sept color was orange

and I got more done on the Halloween door hanging--

There is alot of damage done down at the dock on the beach area and the bank--
and alot of the apts on the river side got water damage--all 4 floors--
Thankful to God that mine stayed dry--

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