Thursday, October 12, 2017


 lets see what did I work on here--
In the Patchwork bom I got the 10" one done and the 4 smaller ones made--
to 2 different patterns--one was probably Julys sets??

worked on putting these blocks into a top--
I am not sure I like this--but
I kept going--
then I did decide I did NOT like it--
and totally frogged all the strips off--
still have just the blocks left with the first outside borders on them--


got the cat block done for this months color--
and started a pair of socks for Anne-
and here they are done--
and they were mailed to Anne for her birthday--

another block done for the Christmas bom--
and the second one for the month--

a baby sweater--
and I started a Halloween mystery quilt-
but do not like them--
oh well--back to the drawing board--
well--actually back to the quilt shop I go--

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