Sunday, May 11, 2014

MAY 2014--

I am all caught up on the reports--
I have done alot of cleaning, redecorating, and getting rid of the last two months--
now just for some 'tweaking' here and there!!!

moved the sewing room to the dinning room--

three more are done and another one started--
am going to put them into a wall quilt instead of the little pillows!!
have started #9--

Finally got these made--
have wanted and needed one of these for a very long time!!!
another one done--
on a roll--


and I started work on these blocks--
wiggles quilt ufo is getting done--
Hannah and Harrington quilt is growing--
and growing--
This Wiggles quilt top is finished and i gave it to Anne for a Hospice quilt--
did not like it at all once it was done!!!!
But now--Hannah and Harrington quilt top is finished and I like it!!!!
am  working on this ufo bom Shabby Roses from 2009--

and I did get all the Virtues cross stitch blocks done and have them sewed unto wool squares--

Sunny came for a visit the last week end of the month--
we went to the Windmill on Saturday and had a wonderful time!!!
and did a photo shot on Sunday of the Falls--
And after 2 months of working on cleaning and redecorating the apt--
it is finished!!!!

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