Saturday, January 10, 2015


It is turning out to be bitter cold here this month--
but I am stitching away--
started this cross stitch--
joined a sal with Jenny--
and used her first stitchery on a towel--
will send this to my Valentine swap parnter--
Bunny Hill is doing a bom with hearts this year--
I made two of them and one will go to Diane at Lavender Hearts cause she had a January birthday--
Jan 21--even, same as my mom's--
another bom I have joined--
this month we had 2 blocks to applique--
got the snow garland and the star done--
the rest of the details on these are really buttons--
so need to wait until it is quilted to finish them--
got the saying all embroidered for Shell's pattern of the month--

and designed this quilt top with fabric that I got a couple years ago--
here is the back for it-

And this counted cross stitch is finished--
working on another snowmen--
and the silk thread came in to start this one--
a finishe--
the bunny has a little button for his tail--how cute!!!
Got this months wool project from Shell's site finished--
the top one went to my Valentine swap partner--Kim--
and the bottom one went to my new friend Diane-
she also got the second snowman heart this month--
a bom from Val Laird is done--
just need to add the key charm when I get one--
the color for Jan is blue and these 4 will go into that quilt--
but also did some other ones--

took 4 designs off a fabric piece and appliqued them unto fabric--
finished off 2 more ufo's--
Have a bit more done on this one--the tree is nearly finished--
a large snowman stitchery from last year or before got finished off into a wall hanging--
this new pillow has a stitchery top that was a gift pattern and was stitched a while ago--
and the fabric was a gift from Alice I believe at some time--
and another stitchery is finished into a pillow--
a gift from Shell some time ago and the stitchery has been done for a couple years--
Shell also sent the fabric that I used on the pillow--
and another little stitchery that I did a couple years ago from Shell is finished--
And another knitted shawl is finished --
even blocked--
I got 2 large boxes of late Christmas gifts this month--one from Lola and one from Alice--
thanks gals!!!
and I signed up to do this wool wall hanging through Sues shop--
each one comes with the wool--
and I got this far on this stitchery--
even had another row around it--but took that off--
still not totally happy!!!????

and weather wise--
it has been one very bitter cold month--
most days not even getting over 32--
and right now on this first day of Feb--it is snowing and they say we might get a foot this time--
and then bitter bitter cold for the next week!!!!!

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