Thursday, August 25, 2016


thought I had slowed down this month--
but I see that I did not--
though several of the projects that I started back in Jan and Feb--
did get any work done on them--just collected the patterns--
I did get alot done on some others--
did get all caught up on the monthly cross stitching--
love this one--

and I got 7 more blocks done on the Bee blocks--wow--
and I did start adding some fabric applique to some of the blocks--
and the mail box is partly my design--that block just had the flower and the bee on it--
it really needed something else--

got some more basket blocks done--

My goal was to do one a week in the baskets- but with all the embroidery on the Bee blocks that has not happened--

and I did get another quilt hand quilted --

and one more sweater finished--
I also go down for Coloring club each Monday afternoon--

and I continue to stitch these blocks--
for the larger quilt to go on my bed!!

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