Sunday, September 12, 2010


This month has gotten off to a real "sad" start---
Mary Claire was killed while crossing the street near her home on Sept 3--

And I helped little sister adopt this kitten from the strays across the street--
he is sweet and loving boy named Morris---

My main focus is hand quilting this for the library in Odessa

Sentimental journey bom--

a hearts wall hanging for early bird christmas--
baby hats

mailed out a bunch of packages to bloggers

Found a doll I had made at a rummage sale from when I had my shop--
cost me a $1--

This tote bag came from Robin and is made out of a couple more blocks that blog friends sent her after she made my Marys quilt--
also this one--
And she sent me this--
cute clutch she crocheted!!!

Fall table runner all made--

fall candle mat--hand pieced and hand quilted!!
started knitting the snowmen --
got the pattern in January--
Went to Denise's and we made this clutch purses with the metal tape measures inside for them to close--they are alot of fun to make!!!

got this fall stitchery from Ariane all done!!
got this wall hanging all done!!
Got the Spooky wall hanging all done!

got another clutch finished--added a strap to this one!

I do believe that is all for this month--

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