Friday, October 8, 2010


Fall is here!!!!
fruit of the spirit

two more hats--
Brutus block done--
The hearts "where" suppose to be the leaves---lol!!!

got  one snowman body knitted

getting blocks done on this pattern--need to do one more row--6 blocks--then need to applique birds in the center of beige squares--

Am working on hexagon Christmas ornaments for gifts--
these are so much fun to make!!!
Gifts of grace block--for Sept--
another block on a Christmas quilt appliqued--

same Christmas quilt--started this one--

made a cat pillow for Gracie--
and 8 cat nip toys for some of my friends--

adopted Gracie--one of the kittens from across the street--

Last block for Gifts of Grace-Oct--

Snowbound block for bom done--

Sentimental Journey bom done--
Shabby rose block--

Finished this Christmas block from last year--
needed to add the berries--now have 3 all done!!!

 did some baby hats--3 more I believe!!
Made new curtains for the dinning room--yellow gingham checked--
and have started new chair covers!!!

So October was full--especially  with all the work we did with the kittens across the street--only Emma is at large and she got loose on us when we moved her to Magee street--and only her and Gracie need to be fixed yet!!!!
So out of 5 kittens and the momma--only Emma so far is still out there--but we do think we know where she is????
Happy Halloween!!!!!

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