Sunday, January 8, 2012


Really got back into the 'groove' --
yet it is still fairly nice outside!!!!
Knitted a red collar shawl for the holidays--
was toooo warm to wear it--
Did red and white for Christmas here-
Knitted more tiny socks and mittens for gifts to go in the Christmas cards--

Found the missing knitted project pictures ---
Shawl--love this one and wear it everywhere--

Did not like this one--did donate it to the Odessa Library

each block on the scarf was a different pattern--

and the gold mittens above went with set--think this one also went to Odessa--
did a scarf for this set too--sent it to Shell at Raspberry Rabbits for Christmas
This is a Stephen West shawl--wear it alot tooo-

This scarf went to Alice for Christmas--
baby booties for a class project-

Got the second stocking stitched--but did not get either of them finished--
Here is Hitty in here Christmas scene--
This quilt was started in the fall and is now all finished even the hand quilting--
started this--but unfinished as yet--
started knitting dish cloths and still am at it--
Oh look, Hitty has a new pretty red shawl and lap robe--for the holidays--
Hitty also sent Carolines Hitty a red shawl--
And this quilt is all finished and hand quilted--
the new SAL first row of blocks is done--
Well--I may have forgotten some things--
especially some knitting finishes--
as I know I have 3 beautiful shawls made that I wear all the time--
and I gave some hat, fingerless gloves, and a scarf to a friend for Chmas--
if I find those pictures I will add them--
It seemed like it wasn't a big sewing/quilting year--
yet I do have a nice list of finishes--
Good bye 2011!!!

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