Sunday, January 8, 2012


I mostly knitted and enjoyed going overtown in the beautiful weather--
Did do some work on these two bom's--
and I took a 4-patch posie class from Jeanne--
But this is where it still is--
Knitting projects completed--

pair of socks--June got them for Christmas--
second pair started, but????
small baby hats for Seneca Santa--
and some mittens-

Knitted necklace with beads--fun to do--
another hat done--started a baby sweater to go with this--??
Took a crochet class and made this baby sweater--cute!!!

more hats and mittens--

In Sept--
I went on a 3 day fiber tour through the yarn shop--
had a great time--
One place was Schafer's in Trumansburg--
there we got to dye our own skein of yarn--
and we went to an Alpca farm in Interlaken--loved these babies and momma's
and needless to say as I still had money to spend--
I bought lots of yarn--and then some!!!
More pictures in picture file--

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