Sunday, January 3, 2016


Forgot that in Nov I did all these embroidery initials for blog friends and others--
got this counted cross stitch finished--started it last winter--
love it--
Dawn came and we baked cookies--the first time we had both done any cookies in a few years-
we had fun--
and I got myself a new sewing machine!!
learned to make yarn hats--
and baked me a batch of my favorite cookies--cooky candies they are called--
got this one all finished-
got the tall tree wall hanging finished and hung-now to decide how to decorate it--
Made lots of hats for my new friends here--
Knitted a new stocking and have started a blue one--
knitted 3 sets of mini mittens--the reddish ones is from yarn that Dawn gave me to do these for her girl friend and the blue set is for me from left over yarn that I had from Anne's sock that I knitted her in November and then did a set for Dawn to go with her hat I gave her for her tree--

this years tree--
Well--I seen alot of new things this year with the move south--
took lots and lots of photos this year--up in NY and then down here--
and have spent this past week organizing things finally really settling in here--
now to decorate the walls--
and get busy stitching once again!!!

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