Sunday, February 11, 2018


Oh dear-it is Feb 10th and I just realized I haven't done Januray's report--
so lets see what did I do in January???
Picked this to do the hand quilting on for January--
my goal is to hand quilt at least 30 minutes each day this year--
and I joined this one--
So at the end of Januray--
I had --hand quilted every day=31 days
and did a total of 22.75 hours--
and I did get this one finished--
for this challenge--
Had 19 hours of hand quilting on this one--
binding and buttons are done--
so this quilt from Bunny Hill 2009 is done and done!!!

got the last winter block done for the wool row by row--

still working on baby sweaters--but have slowed down--

this is the first color for
and is blue and they are also giving us a 10" block to make each month in the color of the month, plus what we make in that color each month--
I found 4 small items done in blues that needed to be finished--
these will be pincushions and gifts--
Made a little mat or doll blanket with some precut scraps from another project--
and made some 9 patches in blue--

I am also working on this --
and right now the project is this--
ABC one in counted cross stitch--
will need new 'eyes' by the time I get this done--
being done on 28ct linen--

And I got all 4 rows of the wool row by row sewn together into rows--
I am doing each of these separately for displaying--

and I am doing on bom so far this year--
she is doing a mystery quilt--
and January's work was this center panel of applique--
and she is picking out one small quilt in the above book for us to do each month--
Jan was the Crow's foot--
and that is mine on the bottom and my snowman on top--
both of these got basted for hand quilting--

Yep--I only am doing the color of month blocks and then the civil war club so far this year--
so maybe I will get caught up on other sewing--

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