Thursday, April 5, 2018


Oh my--I am really late getting this one done--
we are into April already!!
Ok--lets back up and see what I did in Feb--

does putting this 1,000 pc round puzzle together count??
and it was a brand new puzzle with one piece missing--grrr!!

started knitting this simple scarf with the cotton yarn I bought in NY before moving down here--
gave 3-4 away this month too--

and continued to cross this Winter sampler--

And got this one all hand quilted--

this is where the civil war mystery quilt top is so far--
and the one from her book-

Am hand quilting all 4 seasons rows--
as individual hangings--

This months color is purple--
these are a few orphans that needed to be finished up--
they will be pin cushions for gifts--
and some purple 9 patches--
And the 10" block they are giving us to do --

Joy and Alice are redoing their embroidery mystery series that they started a few years ago--

and I am using these threads to do mine--
and one more hand quilted project for this month--

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