Thursday, April 5, 2018


Ok--now what did I get done in March--

Started off with a trip to my brother Jims and meeting his '3' kids--
Daphne, Hazel and Miss Kitty!!
we went to a quilt shop--

and an antique shop--one day--
got me a new roses cup and saucer and a teal and blue bird--

Next day-
we visited a huge shop near Clearwater--20,000 bolts of fabric--
and it happened to be 35% off day of fabric--

and we went here to eat--
Had some delicious food --
But I had to come home on Sunday--
their oak trees were in full bloom and I was hoarse the whole time I was there--
then I started having trouble breathing
(I went cause they were repaving the parking lots here!!)

I ended up taking last months quilt like this one all apart and redoing it--
then decided to take those blocks and made the top quilt!!!????

And Dawn and I went on a short road trip down to Sebastian Inlet

and on the way home she stopped to help a turtle get across the street!!!

And I was sooo excited to get this counted cross stitch totally done--
at least as far as the stitching goes!!

And now I have started the Stitchers one

And I got this top done with the fabrics I got at Jim and Vals--
dont like it--personally--too much green for me--so will send it to Anne to finish and to give away or sell--

And this months color is green--

this is the 10" block--
the 9 patches--
And a green kite--
I found this paper pieced kite--
and just had to give it a try--
and I love it --soooo
I did a purple one--
and a blue one--

and this months from Joy and Alice--

and I got the letters all in on this cross stitch--
and now the spring one is out!!
and just in time--
at 4pm on March 31--I got this months hand quilting done--
on this quilt-
this one was stitched in 2012 and was designed by Shell at the Raspberry Rabbit site--
I just love looking at it hanging on my living room wall--

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