Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I stayed busy again this month--
got a nice start on this one--but did not get it finished--

cause I decided to finish this one up--
it is now all done and hanging on the front door--
worked on and finished this one--
all done--these heart blocks were ufo's from 2-3 years ago--

this months color was aqua--

did my cat block and 2 sets of bird blocks cause I had so many different shades of aqua-

got block one done on row one of the Buttermilk Basin row by row bom--done
and this is the 2nd block--

Got the bow block done on the Christmas bom--

started a new bom--
and had alot of trouble with the house piece--
after 3 tries--this is the final block and it is basically the right one--
but now I also have this fussy cut house--
hopefully the rest of the blocks to this one, will be easier!!!

got 2 baby sweaters knitted--one large and --
one a preemie (first time i have done a preemie)

this is sooo tiny compared to what I was knitting--
also helped a lady in here relearn how to knit and she made a large sweater from the same pattern for her granddaughter,
got Dan's pillows made with the Monopoly fabric--
2 more blocks --these are 10" size for another bom of the month--
where the blocks are really 5" blocks--
I got the one months done--will catch up with the other month when I do next months block--

and I believe this is the oldest unfinished set from O'Susannah's bom --
got 3 more applique blocks prepped and got 2 of them done--
and I got these embroidery pieces made into quilt tops--
and finished off--
stitched these a year or so ago--

I got these 2 quilt tops basted--
the Reindeer one is top,batting, and backing and is now ready for hand quilting--
the hexie one I worked on alot this month--and ended up 'unstitching' a lot too as I tried to square it up--then decided to baste it to a background fabric and now I have to applique down all the outside hexies to this background--

in the end--I only did 4 actual finishes for the month--
2 basted --getting ready for finishes--
and 5 bom projects now--

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